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The website is created for communication of children aged 0-18, teachers and parents who are fond of painting and other kinds of pictorial art. Our aim is to unite the representatives from different cities, countries and cultures. That is why it is inappropriate to demonstrate racism, nationalism, religious and social intolerance.

Be respectful to a person's work and world perception, especially to that of a child. It is forbidden to assess personal and professional qualities of a participant in commentaries; offensive or vulgar language is prohibited. Othervise your account will be banned.

Be respectful to copyright. It is not allowed to upload the works without their author's written permission. Do not upload falsely other people's works. Persons who do not obey this point will bear responsibility for intellectual property rights violation. You can send only your own works.

We do not publish works which harm the reputation of and give offence to people or national, racial or religious groups and woks which contain scenes of violence, pornography or proclaim violence.

Website authorities reserve te right to not publish the work without informing the author.

All questions, suggestions and commentaries about the work should be emailed.

The work should be uploaded in JPEG, PNG or GIF image.

Enclose on a separate sheet information about the author: name, surname, age, educational institution, postal address, e-mail, telephone number of the legal representative.





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"За окном октябрь"
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